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  Hydrological cycle of the CADSES regions

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Interreg IIIB - CADSES - 3 rd call

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2.466.200,00 € (ERDF: 1.441.625,00 €)

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National Consortium of Universities for the Physics of Atmospheres and Hydrospheres.

 Marche Region - Public Works Design Service
Town : Ancona
Country : ITALY
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Contact Point : Dr. Lorenzo Magi Galluzzi, Tel: +39-07150117380 -
Fields of intervention of the institution and its past experience in trans-national co-operation actions

The Public Works Design Service has past experiences with regard to EU funds management in the case of the project DOCUP ob.5b - measures 3.1.4 and 1.1.7, in the time frame 1994-1999; the Service is now participating as project partner to the INTERREG IIIB - CADSES project CADSEALAND (time frame 2000-2006).


Specific role of the partner in the implementation and management of the project


The partner will analyze the coastal areas of the Marche region with particolar regard to the hydrographic basin of the river Potenza , in order to define the qualitative properties of the water table below the river bed when estreme hydrometeorological events occur. The analysis of the phenomen of seawater intrusion will also be performed.

The main goal of the partner in this project is to provide the local authorities with new tools for analyzing, protecting, and safeguarding the water resources.
Why is this partner essential for the success of the project?

This partner is essential for the success of the project because the Marche region, being a local authority, has gained a profound experience on the water resource management and is able to implement in a short time frame new and effective regulations.


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