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  Hydrological cycle of the CADSES regions

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Interreg IIIB - CADSES - 3 rd call

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2.466.200,00 € (ERDF: 1.441.625,00 €)

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National Consortium of Universities for the Physics of Atmospheres and Hydrospheres.

 National Consortium of Universities for the Physics of Atmospheres and Hydrospheres
Town : Camerino
Country : ITALY
Home Page :
Contact Point : Dr. Janka Strakova: Tel:+39-0737616803
Fields of intervention of the institution and its past experience in trans-national co-operation actions
The National Consortium of Universities for the Physics of Atmospheres and Hydrospheres ( CINFAI) is a consortium of about 20 Italian universities with a well established academic tradition in Meteorology, Oceanography and Hydrology. CINFAI has a long experience in international research projects concerning the atmospheres and the hydrospheres, including EU research (V Framework, Voltaire just to give a recent example) and INTERREG II C (Drought prevention). CINFAI is currently operating as project leader, main contractor, etc. in several national projects.

Specific role of the partner in the implementation and management of the project

Being the LP of HYDROCARE, CINFAI will perform the following managing activities:
  • Continuous coordination ad management of the project: check of the technical status of the project, contacts with the European bodies (especially JTS) and with the PP representatives. Organization of the meetings of the Assembly of Partners and of the Managing Committee.
  • Organization and management of the administrative aspects of the project: basic administrative duties, definition of the terms of joint convention, check of the financial status of the project, financial flux management, contacts with the Managing and Payment Authorities.

CINFAI will also take care of the following activities related to publicity and dissemination:

  • Organization of conferences and seminars during the project duration to disseminate the obtained results. Preparation of publications both in paper and multimedia formats. Training activities. Development and maintenance of a web-site containing all the information regarding the project.

The more technical activities can be enucleated as follows:

  • Reconstruction of the large-scale hydrological cycle in the CADSES area by high-resolution model-assisted climatological definition of the tropospheric flux of water of Mediterranean origin. Analysis of mean state, variability and extreme events.
  • Statistical intercomparison of the reconstruction of the hydrological cycle in the in the CADSES area as obtained from models of different level of complexity. Analysis of the differences between forecast and climate models in the definition of the seasonal climatology as well as of the statistics of the extreme events.
Why is this partner essential for the success of the project?
PP1 is essential for the success of the project because it has a deep experience both in managing, technical, and dissemination activities at national and international level. Previous experiences in European projects and especially within the INTERREG context has proved successful and satisfying for all the partners involved, for the direct beneficiaries of the projects, and in terms of longer terms effects. Moreover, its very nature of being a consortium of universities at national level in the field allows it to find an excellent level of expertise in the various sectors of activity. Finally, it has to be emphasized that the very scope of the consortium is to have a direct connection with the local authorities and to perform activities with direct impact at economic, environmental and societal levels.


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