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  Hydrological cycle of the CADSES regions

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Interreg IIIB - CADSES - 3 rd call

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2.466.200,00 € (ERDF: 1.441.625,00 €)

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National Consortium of Universities for the Physics of Atmospheres and Hydrospheres.

 National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management
Town : Bucharest
Country : ROMANIA
Home Page :
Contact Point : Dr. Mary Jeanne Adler, Tel: +40-213181114/5/6
Fields of intervention of the institution and its past experience in trans-national co-operation actions
The National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (NIHWM) is the national responsible with implementation of an unitary methodology of measurement, data collecting and processing, as well as with hydrological forecasting and warnings of dangerous hydrometerological events (floods and droughts) . To accomplish this task, NIHWM collaborated and collaborates in LIFE-ENV CE Projects - MOSYM (1999-2002) and Riverlife (2002-2004), PHARE - Tisa (2002-2004), Interreg CADSES - CADSEALAND (2004-2005), FP5 projects - WOISYDES (2003-2005) and EFFS (2002-2003) and NATO projects - TIGRU (2002-2005). All these projects covered the issue of hydrological network design and hydrological informational system modernization, forecasting modelling including. Also NIHWM is charged with data and forecasts changes between National Hydrological Forecast Centre (department of NIHWM) and the similar Hydrological Services from the neighbouring countries ( Hungary , Serbia Monte Negro, Ukraine , Republic of Moldavia ) on the basis of bilateral agreements.


Specific role of the partner in the implementation and management of the project


- To contribute with local hydrological data at a common data base for the CADSES area, as well as for a monthly bulletin for extreme hydrometeorological events;

- To provide his experience in water-related issues, in the framework of meetings, seminars or conferences organized during the project duration, in view to identifying the appropriate methodologies to be applied in improving the awareness and the management of flood and drought risk, under natural and modified conditions;

Why is this partner essential for the success of the project?
This partner will bring a comprehensive image of risk assessment in the region; its bi-lateral agreements for the transboundary rivers with Hungary , Serbia Monte Negro, Ukraine , Republic of Moldavia put it in a special position in the Danube Basin . Clarifying the problem of risk areas and improving the awareness capabilities, will help in life protection not only in Romania , but in the neighbouring countries, too.


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