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  Hydrological cycle of the CADSES regions

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Interreg IIIB - CADSES - 3 rd call

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2.466.200,00 € (ERDF: 1.441.625,00 €)

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National Consortium of Universities for the Physics of Atmospheres and Hydrospheres.

News & Events

Final Conference of the HYDROCARE Project
Date: November 21st-23rd 2007
The HYDROCARE project board invites you to its final conference, which will be held on 21-23 November 2007 at the premises of APAT, in Via Curtatone 3, Rome, Italy. The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for presenting the main results of the project as well as launching future initiatives. A wide range of subjects entailing a critical analysis of water as a resource and as a sorucen of risks will be covered in a series of sessions chaired by international experts. Stakeholders, policy-makers at local, national, and EU level, academics, researchers, practioners, developers, professionals and press agents are invited to attend to this event.


Complete Programme

Conference themes: Water Policies, EU initiatives on Water, Hydrological Cycle, Extremes, Hydro-Meteorological Data.
Janka Strakova (CINFAI)
Stefano Mariani (APAT)

Assembly of Partners
Date: June 28th-29th 2007
The HYDROCARE project partners will meet at the premises of PP10 in Wroclaw, Poland, for the 4th Assembly of Partners. With this event, four of the six countries involved in HYDROCARE have seen international events related to HYDROCARE. You can find the presentations given at this AP in the Download section of this website.

Drought Bulletting Online
Date: March 10th 2007
PP2 has created an online and interactive Drought Bullettin for the CADSES region. The webpage of the bullettin is:
The bullettin is based on the computation of the SPI using data coming from NCEP/NCAR reanalyses. Note that, apart from the CADSES region, the whole Europe and a zoom over Italy are available. Presently the webpage is only in Italian.

LP contact point has changed
Date: March 1st 2007
The Lead Partner has informed the CADSES authorities that the new contact point is Dr. Janka Strakova, Tel:+39-0737616803, email: .

1st HYDROCARE Conference
Date: January 18th-19th 2007
Location: NTUA Campus, Athens

January 18th, Morning and Afternoon - Assembly of Partners - Programme

January 19th, Morning - Workshop: Water Resources Management in the Mediterranean Region - Programme

January 19th, Afternoon - Workshop: Drought and Water Scarcity: discussion in the frame of EU Initiatives - Programme

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Presentations of the two Workshops

Past Events

PP7 Name correction
Date: November 15th 2006
The Lead Partner has informed the CADSES authorities that the official denomination of PP7 has changed from Municipality of Kefalonia to Municipality of Argostoli - Kefalonia.

Slovak meeting of the project HYDROCARE
Date: October 25th - October 27th 2006
Location: Hotel Meander, Štrba (SK)

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2nd Meeting of the Managing Committee
Time and day: 10.30, October 10th 2006
Location: APAT, Via Curtatone 3, Rome

2nd Assembly of Partners
Time and day: 9.00, June 27th- 13.00 June 28th 2006
Location: Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Jeséniova 17, 83315 Bratislava

1st Meeting of the Management Committee
Time and day: 9.30, May 24th 2006
Location: APAT, Via Curtatone 3, Rome

Workshop: Hydrological Cycle of Kefalonia Island - Installation of automatic meteorological stations
Day: April 14th 2006
Location: Argostoli, Greece

Presentation of the project HYDROCARE.
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The public presentation of HYDROCARE will take place in Potsdam on Tuesday February 14th 2006 at 15.30 in the conference hall of Hotel Mercure (Lange Brücke, 14467 Potsdam , Germany , Tel : +49-331-2722 Fax : +49-331-2720233 E-mail : ). Attendance will include representatives of the diplomatic bodies in Germany of the other 5 countries involved in the project, representatives of EU institutions, representatives of the INTERREG IIIB - CADSES programme, representatives of National German and Italian institutions, representatives of the Brandeburg Lander and of the city of Potsdam , as well as media professionals. The presentation is organized as follows: a one-hour session comprising brief speeches from representatives of some institutions and of the INTERREG IIIB - CADSES programme, presentation of the project by the Lead Partner, then a round-table discussion and finally a coffee-break. The detailed programme of the day will soon follow.

The public presentation of HYDROCARE has been jointly organized by the Lead Partner, the Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per la Fisica delle Atmosfere e delle Idrosfere - CINFAI ( National Consortium of Universities for the Physics of Atmospheres and Hydrospheres ), which associates about 20 Universities all around Italy
, and by the German Project Partner, the Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung -PIK
( Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research)


Programme of the day



Hotel Mercure, Lange Brücke, 14467 Potsdam , Germany ,Tel :+49-331-2722 Fax : +49-331-2720233
E-mail :

Date: February 14th, 2006, 3:30 pm


Address of Welcome

Prof. Dr. H. J. Schellnhuber
Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Project Partner of HYDROCARE

  3:35 pm Address of Welcome

Prof. Dr. A. Speranza
President of CINFAI, Lead Partner of HYDROCARE

  3:40 pm Welcoming Speech

Prof. Dr. J. Wanka
Minister for Science, Research and Culture of the Federal State of Brandenburg

  3:50 pm Welcoming Speech

J. Jacobs
Lord Mayor of the City of Potsdam

  4:00 pm

The Neighbourhood

Dr. U. Graute
Director of the Joint Technical Secretariat INTERREG III B CADSES Neighbourhood Programme

  4:10 pm HYDROCARE

Dr. V. Lucarini
Technical Director of HYDROCARE

  4:30 pm Round-table discussion  
  4:50 pm Reception  

Valerio Lucarini
Technical Director of HYDROCARE
Tel: +39-3476141563 - Email:


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